SHE sells dog beds by the side of the road and never thought she would be assaulted by cops.

But this is what Lebogang Pule said happened in Fourways on Sunday, 20 June.

And all because the 30-year-old from Lufhereng, Soweto didn’t have money for tjotjo.

She now wants justice for what the JMPD officers allegedly did to her. Lebogang told Daily Sun one of the officers approached her the day before the incident and asked her out. She made it clear she wasn’t interested in him, but he returned the next day.

“He asked me about my business. He then asked for my ID and I told him I don’t have it with me,” she said.

Lebogang said a female officer came from the car and asked what was going on.

“He told her I have an attitude. When I explained I don’t have my ID with me, the man told me they wanted some money for cold drink,” claimed Lebogang.

But she told them she didn’t have any money and asked what she was paying for.

“They told me they’ll wait until I sell something. I take care of six kids, two of my own and four whose mum has died. The female officer told me it’s not their problem.”

She said the officers got angry and the male officer allegedly slapped her.

“They also confiscated some of my things and told me to get in the car,” she said.

A witness took videos and asked the officers why they were doing this.

“They didn’t respond to him, but they let me go and took my things. They told the man they don’t fear cameras,” she said.

Witness Antonio De Sousa said he and his wife were going to the shops when he allegedly saw the male officer slap her.

JMPD spokesman Xolani Fihla said the matter has been brought forward to the JMPD Internal Affairs Unit and a preliminary investigation has been initiated.