A VIDEO of an unknown pastor dishing out hot claps to his congregants is trending on social media.

The pastor is seen praying for his congregants while slapping them on their heads.

People are asking why churchgoers allow their pastors to do such to them.

“We understand that people are desperate and need help, but they’re the ones allowing these pastors to do all these things to them,” said Nomagugu Mthunzi.

“I know this is sad, but I love the way he’s disciplining the guys.”

Lili Manzini said she’d seen how pastors play with people’s minds but she loves this pastor.

“At least he’s not feeding people snakes. He’s just disciplining them through prayer,” said Lili.

Nolwandle Moyo said she was concerned that he’s slapping people while praying for them.

“If he wants to discipline them, he should by all means do that but not in church while praying,” she said.

Shane said the pastor looks angry.

“He’s praying for them but he looks angry. I hope he achieves whatever he’s praying for,” he said.