THERE was a message from President Cyril Ramaphosa that all taverns will be closed when during the 21-day lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Most people were upset when they heard that they would be in a 21-day lockdown in their homes without having alcohol.

But then a social media post about a bottle store in Isipingo, south of Durban, made the rounds.

They all flocked to get themselves booze that would last them throughout the 21-day lockdown.

Those that went on Tuesday were lucky to get the booze promotion while those that went on Wednesday were disappointed as they couldn’t get what they wanted but only the leftovers.

Daily Sun went to Panjivas where people had flocked and were in a long queue waiting to get inside to buy booze.

A resident Kwazi Mdletshe (22), from J section in Umlazi south of Durban, said he bought himself 15 cases of Miller.

Kwazi Mdletshe sitting and showing his fifteen 24s
Kwazi Mdletshe sitting and showing his fifteen 24s of Miller he will be drinking while in lockdown at his home. Photo: Mbali Dlungwana

He said he bought so much booze because he doesn't want to run out while he is locked up at home.

"This will get me through this rough period," he said.

"I wanted to buy Brutal, but when I got here it wasn't on special. So, I only took Miller as it's still alcohol," he said.

A disappointed Nombuso Mdlalose (34) said she wanted to buy as many Brutal Fruits as possible but didn’t find it on special.

When a worker at Panjivan was asked about the special he said the reporter must go to the manager at the entrance.

But when the reporter got to the entrance the manager wasn't there. 

The reporter searched for the manager around the store with no luck.