THE siblings were meant to rest in peace.

But there’s a big fight happening beyond the grave.

And to show how unhappy they are, bad things started happening to the family.


The Matlalas from Brakpan, Ekurhuleni, told Daily Sun things started going south after the death of their aunt Betty (60).

They went to sangomas and were told bad things happening to them were a result of fighting in the grave.

“Everything started going south after Betty died on 2 June. We buried her on top of Simon, who died over 10 years ago,” said Sindy (34).

The siblings were not on good terms.

“They had a big fight over the family house. and chose to ignore each other.

“But my uncle died before they could sort out their differences.”

When her aunt died recently, the family thought it would be a great idea to bury her in her brother’s grave. The plan has backfired as the siblings apparently don’t like the idea.

Sindy said her aunt and uncle told her in a dream the family needed to separate them.

“They were very angry. First it was my uncle and then my aunt,” she said.

And to show how unhappy they are, bad things started happening to the family.

“A week after the funeral, my little brother was almost killed when he was robbed at gunpoint,” she said.

“The thugs fired three shots at him but missed. They took his wallet and phone.

“Two of my cousins are in hospital fighting for their lives. They nearly died.

“One was knocked down by a car on Wednesday. The other one was in a crash on Friday.”

Two of Sindy’s kids fell sick this past Sunday.

“Their sickness was strange. We took them to a healer, where we got the news that all this was caused by a fight beyond the grave.

“The sangoma confirmed what I already saw in my dreams,” she said.

They were worried bad things would continue happening. The dead siblings’ brother Joseph (67), who lives in North West, said: “We slaughtered a goat before we buried my sister on top of my brother.

“We asked for them to rest together peacefully, but it seems the goat didn’t help.”

They couldn’t afford to lose family members.

“If needs be, we’ll have to exhume my sister’s body and bury her elsewhere,” he said.

They’d appreciate the help of a sangoma.

Sangoma Jabulani Mthimunye said: “Besides their fight, burying them in the same grave could be the cause of the problems.”

They needed to do a peace offering ceremony.