A VIDEO showing a pupil playing with hand sanitiser has caused anger.

The pupil sprays the sanitiser – meant to help curb the spread of Covid-19 – on her hands, body and bum.

She’s seen moving the sanitiser to the classroom door.

It’s not yet known where the video was taken, but the incident has angered many people who said the pupil wasn’t taking the virus seriously.

Peejay Moloi posted the video on Facebook and wrote:

“I’m really hurt by what kids and pupils are doing with the little we have.

“This act is barbaric and should be stopped. Our kids know the difference between right and wrong and yet they do this.”

The short video didn’t sit well with many.

“This is disgusting. I hope sanitiser gets into her eyes so she can see what she’s doing is wrong. Which school is this?”

Thaby Ngwanelihle said: “Our children aren’t disciplined at home. Parents are busy with alcohol and we’re a lost generation.

“Some of the children misbehave because they want attention they don’t get at home.”

Free State education spokesman Howard Ndaba said:

“The pupils shouldn’t abuse resources meant to be used to save lives.

“They’re costly and should be used wisely. We all have to rally together to fight the virus. We condemn the incident.”