PRESIDENT Cyril Ramaphosa received the Covid-19 vaccine from India on Monday.

But not everyone was happy with news of the vaccine as those believing in conspiracies call it the work of the devil.

Addressing myths and fake news surrounding the vaccine, Ramaphosa said no one will be forced to take it or be forbidden from travelling or taking part in any public activity.

He said it will be a voluntarily decision.

However, some people told Daily Sun they will not take the vaccine.

Ponny Nkwana believes the Covid-19 vaccine is satanic. Photos by Collen Mashaba

Ponny Nkwana (37) said: “I say no to the vaccine and we don’t need it.

“They just want to kill us. It’s satanic and illuminati.

“It must be used on Ramaphosa and his cabinet.”

Manuel Maswanganyi (27) said he also didn’t want to be vaccinated.

Manuel Maswanganyi says he doesn’t want the vaccine.

“I believe the vaccine will cause more deaths. African traditional healers were never consulted or included in any way.

“We have powerful izangoma who could have probably come up with a cure rather than a vaccine, but they were sidelined,” said Manuel.

But not everyone feels the vaccine is not good for them.

Matome Morudu (35) said it should be rolled out as soon as possible.

Matome Morudu says the vaccine will make life easier for him.

“I’m a street vendor and took care of my family for years, but I have been struggling since the beginning Covid-19.

“I hope the vaccine brings a positive change so we can see improvement in the economy and jobs,” he said.

Morapedi Lohobo (29) said: “I’m willing to take the vaccine because I believe it’s here to save lives.

“I have so much confidence in our government. They wouldn’t approve something to create harm.”

Fred Mataboge (62) said he’s ready to take vaccine.

“This vaccine will help to reduce deaths and the suffering we’re going through.”

Esther Mashiane (46) said the vaccine was the answer to combat the deadly virus.

Esther Mashiane says the president would not acquire the vaccine to kill us, and she is prepared to be vaccinated.

“I don’t think Ramaphosa will bring a vaccine in the country just to kill people.”

She said she lost several family members to Covid-19 and could not wait to take the vaccine.