THE North West Mbahare Kekana Mamusa Local Municipality is sitting at 78% unemployment.

This according to the leader of Forum 4 Service Delivery (F4SD).

This is a challenge the party leader aims to tackle should they take over the municipality in the next elections.

He was addressing party members in Schweizer-Reneke at a door to door campaign at the Mamusa Local Municipality Ward 6 where he also introduced councillor candidates.

The campaign aims to attract voters for the January 2020 elections which will see the winning party take over Mamusa.

The elections come after the party was dissolved by North West Premier Job Mokgoro in October.

The municipality has previously been placed under administration which yielded no positive results and led to it being dissolved.

Mbahare said the cause of the high rates of unemployment is due to a lack of youth programmes available.

He said proper planning needs to be done to decrease such social ills.

He said it was time to make Mamusa great again but added that it cannot be done without the community votes.

"The results of 15 January are going to give us an idea of 2021. It is a pre-test because these elections are watched by the whole country. Because Mamusa in the North West is the first local municipality to be dissolved because of political uncertainty," he said.

The F4SD leader said the success of the party in taking over Mamusa depends on how the hard party members work.

He said the same old food parcel hand out is going to be repeated.