FOR THE people on the inside it’s a place you go to groove, have a good time and listen to the music.

But the people on the outside say it’s called Setshwatlamalapa for a reason.

For many, the closing down of the home wreckers shebeen is a blessing!

Cops closed the shebeen on Saturday, 11 November. It was operating illegally.


Some ladies and men said the shebeen is the reason their partners left them.

Talking to Daily Sun, Thembeka Mlangeni (33) said she was outside the shebeen when police were closing it, and she felt joy because her ex left her for a girl he met there.

“I don’t know if they’re still together, but I’m happy this place is closed.

“This will save a lot of relationships this December.”

JOHN VALIGATE!: A sheeben in Vaal, Setshwatlamalapa, was shut down on Saturday because it operated illegally.

Gladys Mofokeng (36) said women at the shebeen are always dressed to kill.

“When my boyfriend comes home he’s moody and doesn’t care about me.

“He acts like they’ve given him the time of his life.”

Dora Lebeloane (29) said her relationship ended because of Setshwatlamalapeng.

She said at some point she went with him just to see what was so interesting.

“There’s nothing much. It’s just a place full of beautiful ladies, handsome men and nice music,” she said.

“I couldn’t compete with a shebeen. When I spoke to him about it he got angry.

“I wonder what he’s doing, now that his favourite place is closed.”

Not everyone was against the shebeen. Some customers said they got peace of mind there. Others said it was better than being in church.

Lucky Modiselle (32) said he didn’t understand why his girlfriend always argued with him about this place.

“It’s not like I’m cheating on her. She needs to calm down,” said Lucky.

Glacier Mampa (37) said people need to start dealing with their relationship problems and stop blaming shebeens. “If you met a person who loved having a nice time, why are you trying to change that?” she asked.

Captain Mavela Masondo, said the manager was arrested after being found to have been operating with illegal documents.

He’ll appear in the Sebokeng Magistrates Court on Tuesday. Daily Sun tried contacting the owner, but he was unavailable.