UKUTHWASA online is not only the future, it’s happening as we speak.

“I have about 40 amathwasa online and we’re all doing just fine,” said sangoma Sibongile Nene.

Sangoma Nene spoke to Daily Sun following criticism on social media regarding her video revealing that she does ukuthwasa online.

Many people, including izangoma said there was no way ukuthwasa can be done online.

Sangoma Nene said she grew up in Canada, where she started practicing as a sangoma.

“I have clients from all over the world and it was impossible for me to travel everywhere,” she said.

She uses Skype to communicate with her clients.

“I’d do consultations online and explain their dreams. I’d courier the herbs to them and show them online how to use it.”

In 1998, aged 33, she returned to her home town of Melmoth in KZN and met a gobela who trained her for three weeks, which was all she needed.

“My gobela saw that I had a gift and that it was already working. She only had to help me complete the last stage of ukuthwasa.”

She said while ephehlweni, she was already helping her gobela’s clients.

After completing her training, sangoma Nene went back to helping her clients including those in Canada, Nigeria and in other countries.

“I relied on online engagement,” she said.


She has a lot of amathwasa in her Melmoth home, but when Covid came she started helping clients online even here in South Africa.

She then started assisting even those who wanted ukuthwasa.

“It’s important to know all the steps of ukuthwasa. That way you won’t mislead the trainee. And I know the steps backward,” she said.

She said they send all amagobongo via courier services, then they do an online workshop where the thwasa is taught.

Her amathwasa have their WhatsApp groups and she holds online classes to help them understand.


“They have to follow instructions carefully and do it themselves. When they become izangoma they already know how to mix muthi,how to use it, and how to help clients. We’re spiritual people. We do everything with the spirit, not with flesh,” she said.

When she started with phone consultations, she asked the ancestors and they agreed, and she did the same with Skype and Zoom.

Her thwasa, Lerato, said she’s based in Ekurhuleni in Gauteng.

“I went to different izangoma but they couldn’t help me until I went to sangoma Nene,” she said.

“At any time I can go for online ukuthwasa. It makes life easy.”

Another thwasa, Linda, said: “I was afraid of all the stories we hear about gobelas. When I heard about sangoma Nene and her methods, I knew it was meant for me.”