Whether the tokoloshe was sent to the twins by an angry relative or not, it’s not important now.  

What matters is that they need to get rid of the little sex crazed monster, and put back the pieces of their lives.

But no matter how hard they try, their tokoloshe is not going anywhere!

The 31-year-old twins from Dawn Park, Ekurhuleni told Daily Sun they believe the tokoloshe was sent by relatives.

“We don’t even have the energy to fight back anymore,” said one of the twins.

She said the tokoloshe invaded their lives in October last year after a family meeting where their father asked family members to support them on their journey to thwasa.

She said this came as a shock to some of the relatives.


“Our mum was a sangoma, so this really shouldn’t have shocked them.”

She said some of those family members don’t believe in izangoma, so they thought the practice died with their mum.

“People were vocal about their feelings but our father told them this would happen, whether they approved or not.”

She said a few weeks later she started feeling sick.

“When I told my sister, she said she was experiencing the same thing,” they said.

They went to a sangoma who told them that an angry family member sent them a tokoloshe.

They said the sangoma came to the house around June to cleanse the home, but things were normal for only one week.

The father (56) said his wife handled these things when she was alive. “We’ve been to her grave to talk to her. I hope she’ll guide the twins to get help,” he said.

Sangoma Joseph Dungamanzi believed the tokoloshe was sent by a family member and won’t go away easily.

“That tokoloshe has strong muthi. It’ll take at least four months to get rid of it if all things are done correctly,” he said.

He said the family should come and see him.