GOBELAS are angry with amathwasa and have criticised their unruly behaviour.

“Youngsters undergo initiation to gain fame and success,” said gobela Rebone Tshabalala-Moloki.

“Being a thwasa has become fashionable. The flashy lifestyle of being a slay queen sangoma is fascinating.”

Tshabalala-Moloki, president of Abathwali Bemithi Traditional Healers Organisation, told the People’s Paper gobelas are falsely accused and exposed on social media and TV shows by amathwasa with bad intentions.

At a meeting of members of the organisation and independent gobelas held a week ago, they addressed their grievances.

She said they agreed unruly behaviour from amathwasa shouldn’t be tolerated.

“We want to protect our heritage and roots,” said Tshabalala-Moloki.

She said ukuthwasa has become a trend.

“Some youngsters are misled by izangoma during consultations, while others are going through adolescence and blame it on a calling.

“During initiation, when they’re called to order, they either walk out without paying gobelas, spread lies and call TV crews.

“Amathwasa want fame by bringing cameras so we see gobelas trending for all the wrong reasons. Sadly, some are falsely accused and their reputation destroyed.”

They don’t expose misbehaving amathwasa but rather call the families and dismiss them.

A gobela said a 20-year-old thwasa asked her husband for a child. She said her husband confided in her and she hid in a bedroom.

“She came to the house. I could hear her as she begged my husband to sleep with her. She said she wanted a child. She was shocked when I walked into the room. Had I not done this, she could’ve later said my husband raped her.”

  • Some of the grievances include: Older amathwasa bullying younger gobelas ) Approaching the CRL Rights Commission with false accusations) Disobedience and sexual attempts.