IT’S fun to be black!

The things we say and do have left many people in wonder. But these things are normal among black people.

Most blacks will turn down the radio volume in the car just to look for directions.

They also mute the TV to smell something burning in the kitchen.

We asked SunReaders what other strange things they did.

  • Lamola Sipho said: “We talk to ourselves and when we realise somebody saw us, we pretend to be singing.”
  • O’Brien Mthetwa said: “Saving Tupperwares and blankets for the visitors while we eat from rusted dishes and die from the cold.”
  • Lefa Phoku said: “We buy things with instructions then call our friends to ask how it works.”
  • Danisile Mollo said: “We buy new clothes to go to a wedding or party, but we don’t buy a gift.”
  • Gregory Mkhaya said: “If the electricity goes out at my house, I open the door to check if the whole neighbourhood has the same problem.”
  • Lerato Maletetswe said: “We make funny faces when we talk on the phone with someone who bores us as if the person can see us.”