THE women play cards daily and it’s destroying our sex lives!

This is what worried men from Khayelitsha in Mangaung, Free State, told Daily Sun.

They said they were used to great sex lives but since their wives started gambling, sex had become a grind.

"When they come home they are too tired and miserable to take care of us in bed."

“At first I thought they were just fighting boredom. But this is getting out of hand,” complained one of the husbands.

The men said their women played cards from as early as 8am until as late as 8pm.


“And when they come home they are too tired and miserable to take care of us in bed,” he said.

Thabiso Mthetho (33) said: “I haven’t poked in two months. My wife is always tired from playing cards. This is hurting me.”

Lefu Setena (39) said his girlfriend left early in the morning to go and play cards and came back late at night.

“When I want to poke she’s always tired. My woman doesn’t have energy anymore,” he said.

“I do piece job. When I come home she hasn’t cooked or bathed the kids.”

Lefu’s wife, Masabatha (35), said she had to do something to help him.


“I know it’s a gamble and I can win or lose but I must trust my luck,” she said. “My husband must just understand we’ll poke once a week until he gets a job.”

“We know residents call us 8-to-8s but we love cards,” said one of the women.

They said on bad days they could lose R100 and on good days could win about R500. They confessed sometimes they used some grant money to gamble.

Nobazali Mosala (28) said: “With the money I win I feed my two kids and their unemployed father.”

Nobazali’s boyfriend, Thabiso Moseme (32), said: “The cards put food on the table, but she doesn’t win every time.”

Sassa Free State spokeswoman Sandy Godlwana said the child support grant was aimed at bringing back dignity to families.

“If the money is not used for what it is meant for, the goal won’t be achieved,” she said.