Eastern Cape police have opened a case of murder against a man who stabbed a home intruder to death in Bethelsdorp, near Port Elizabeth.

The man, 55, had been cooking with his wife at their Greenfields home on Friday evening, when they heard a loud pounding on the door, said Colonel Priscilla Naidu.

Two men demanded to enter and when this was denied, they broke his door and windows to get in.

A fight broke out between the homeowner and the men, who were armed with a knife and a panga.

Five suspects are still at large following an attempted house robbery in Winchester Hills, Johannesburg on Tuesday.

Stab wound to ches

"It is further alleged that the suspects were attempting to stab the owner, who in turn armed himself with a knife to defend his wife and himself," said Naidu.

One of the men, 19, died after a stab wound to the chest, while the other ran away.

"The victim was identified as Luthando Ndude, who is a neighbour. The other suspect is known but not yet arrested," said Naidu.

Detectives were investigating a case of murder against the homeowner and housebreaking against the suspects.

"The owner of the house is not arrested, and once investigations are complete, the case will be sent to the Directorate for Public Prosecution for a decision."