EARLIER reports have emerged that a missing person’s case was opened at Tembisa Police Station.

This as many people were left wondering what happened to Goisame Thamara Sithole, the mother who gave birth to 10 babies.

Shortly thereafter, the Gauteng Department of social Development reacted with a statement, denying the report or that the 10 babies and mum were missing.

The department confirmed that the mother of the decuplets was recovering and the babies were well. 

Spokesperson Feziwe Ndwayana said the department had contacted the mum and would make an announcement in due course.

Earlier this week, the Gauteng Health Department stated that it still had no record of the 10 babies who were reportedly born in Pretoria on 7 June.

These conflicting reports have left Mzansi with many unanswered questions and opinions on the matter.

Social media user Lesego Mae said it was weird how the mum and babies had not been seen, but that the family probably had a good reason.

“We must applaud the doctor who kept the Tembisa 10 a secret after delivery. That’s patient confidentiality at its best,” said Lesego. 

Letlae Motseki said questioning this was understandable, but people should also consider that 10 newborns would be in neonatal ICU. 

“Since we also have Covid-19, let’s not expect to see pictures so soon. If she really delivered 10 babies, we need to pray that they all make it out of hospital healthy. Mum is also exhausted.”