HEALTH Department representative Thembo Ngubo said kids should be treated equally, regardless of gender.

Ngubo was speaking at the 16 Days of Activism prayers at Mpumalanga kasi in Hammarsdale, west of Durban, on Friday.

He said parents had to stop teaching boys that house chores were for women and that they didn’t have to cook.

“That’s where the problem lies. Young boys grow up believing they’re superior to girls and believe they own them,” he said.

“We need to teach them while they’re still young so they grow up knowing they don’t own anyone and women have the right to leave them.”

He said boys needed to be taught that women had every right to end a relationship and that no man has the right to kill or harm them for that.

Pastor Vuyi Mkhize said she prayed that no woman should die at the hands of a man, especially a partner.

“Women experience emotional and verbal abuse which is not visible.

“Only the actions of the woman show she’s experiencing abuse.

“We pay much attention to physical abuse because the evidence can be seen.”

She said after two years of marriage, her daughter was killed by her partner who they found had been abusing her before her death.

“We trusted him but he stabbed her to death.”

Event organiser and author, Toyi Mthembu, said she was happy she could come back to her kasi to also speak out against abuse.