THERE was water but it smelled of kak.

And although they had gone without water for three days, no one wanted kak water that was black when it came out of the taps.

Even livestock rejected it!

But after Daily Sun made an inquiry with the Madibeng Municipality, water tankers were sent to the village.

This after the People’s Paper published a story about the water yesterday.

Deputy Water and Sanitation Minister David Mahlobo visited the municipality.

Resident Mpina Kgosinkwe (73) of Mothutlung in the North West said it was clear the municipality reacted after Daily Sun took resident’s grievances.

“Had it not been for Daily Sun, we’d still be expected to drink that water from the Madibeng Municipality,” she said.

She said they were surprised when they saw water tankers approaching their village.

“We’ve been struggling with water for many years now, but there has never been a water tanker.

“We even thought the municipality didn’t care. But hours after Daily Sun left, we saw a miracle that has never happened.”

Another resident, Kofi Molefe (36) said, it’s wrong for the municipality to react after inquiries by the media.

“During elections, officials come to our homes and pose for pictures with our grandparents and grandchildren and pretend to care,” said Kofi.

“But once they’re elected, we have to go to the media to get attention from them. This is wrong.”

Deputy Water and Sanitation Minister David Mahlobo visits the Brits Waste Water Treatment Plant to find out why water in the Madibeng Municipality is black and smelly.

He said they wanted an apology and explanation.

“Why would a municipality endanger the lives of residents by giving them untreated water?

“They should explain what happened and we want heads to roll.”

Residents of Mothotlung in NorthWest said black smelly water oozed from their taps. Photo Supplied Photo by