WHEN four armed thugs stormed into their house, their six-year-old son showed bravery to save his family.

He managed to run away from the thugs and alert neighbours.


Although no one was injured, the family was left traumatised by the incident.

Sharing their ordeal with Daily Sun, the boy’s mum said she woke up at about 2am on Friday, 9 July to drink some headache tablets.

Just as she was about to go back to bed, she heard a noise coming from the roof.

“I thought it was our dogs fighting.

“But the noise got louder and I realised we were being robbed,” said the mum.

The 35-year-old from Putfontein in Ekurhuleni grabbed her two children, aged 14 and six, and her brother’s child (23) and they hid in another room.

“We dragged the wardrobe and bed to block the door. But the thugs kicked down the door and pulled us out, assaulting us.

“They ransacked the house and took an amount of R10 000, my rings worth R21 000 and my Huawei cellphone worth R23 000,” she said.

While the thugs were busy in another room, the woman’s kids managed to escape.

They jumped the high wall and her son knocked on the neighbour’s door asking for help.

“The thugs tried to chase after them, but the neighbours had already come out. The thugs fled the scene,” she said.

The mum said this was their second robbery.

They were robbed 11 days earlier and one of their cars was stolen.

“We suspect it’s the same thugs. We saw footage from cameras in the house and showed it to cops, but the suspects were not arrested,” she said.

The family has since moved from their house, fearing another attack.

“My son can’t sleep. He is still reeling in shock and we are equally traumatised,” she said.

Cop spokesman Sergeant Raider Ubisi confirmed a case of house robbery was opened and was under investigation.