NTUTHUKO Maluleke took her own life on 4 October about four years ago.

Ntuthuko’s sad family prayed that they never have to face a similar ordeal.

Her cousin Thulani Hlatshwayo (39) hanged himself in his shack on 5 October.

He was buried on Sunday.


Nthuthuko’s mum, Nelly Maluleke (46) from Meadowlands in Soweto, told Daily Sun the death of her sister’s son had brought back very painful memories.

“I was shocked when I heard Thulani killed himself,” she said.

But Thulani’s mum, Nono, (57) said her son was fine all along until August.

“Then he started seeing things,” she said.

Thulani, her firstborn son, would speak to himself and refused to go out.

“He said people were going to kill him if he went to the shops,” said Nono.

“I thought he was depressed because he’d lost his job and couldn’t provide for his two kids and their mother.”

Nono said in September he bought a rope, but they convinced him not to kill himself.

She said Thulani said someone was telling him to do it.


Nono said Thulani asked her to tell his kids, who live with their mum in another zone in Meadowlands, that he loved them.

“He said I should say goodbye for him,” she sasid.

“The following day we knocked on his door, but he didn’t open.”

The family broke open the window and found him hanging.

Sangoma Skhunisivuthemanzini Mkhize said the family needed to consult a sangoma.

“There are evil people out there who don’t want to see other families grow. This trend will keep coming back,” said Skhuni.

Nkululeko Khanyi of Ungazibulali Depression Company urged families to contact them as soon as they see a family member with signs of depression.