KEEP the House of the Lord locked down until the outbreak ends, say many church leaders!

Bishop Mlungwana Maphumulo of the Holy Zion Catholic Church told Daily Sun many people gathered in church.

“It’s very difficult to keep distances. Staying at home is the best option.”

He said if people wanted to help with prayers, they could do it from their homes.

“God will hear your prayers, whether you’re in your bedroom or in the church.

“People don’t need to gather in churches. That will only spread the virus.”

Bishop Mcedisi Madondo of Saint John’s Apostolic Church in Meadowlands, Soweto, said some of the pastors who wanted to open their churches were using the church for their own benefit.

“Some of them are greedy. They don’t care about the well-being of the people. All they want is for people to come to church to pay their tithes. This is the time for people to be isolated in flesh but united in spirit,” said Madondo.

He said to a pastor, the congregants were like his children.

“I don’t think there’s any parent who would want to risk their children’s lives, even if it’s to pray,” he said.

Shembe spokesman Thokozani Mcwabe said their leaders haven’t said anything about going back to church.

“We know people want to pray together but for now, we will wait to hear from them before we say anything more.”

Many pastors said ministers should use technology if they have it.

“If you have technology to pass on the message, then stick to that,” said Pastor Nokubonga Ngcobo of the Ubuhle Bama Zion Church.

“Don’t risk lives in the name of praising the Lord. I’m sure God too wouldn’t want His children exposed to illness,” he told the People’s Paper.