A LOT of memories have been created by the People’s Paper since 1 July 2002, with thousands of breaking sport stories laying a platform for upcoming athletes to grow their craft.

SunSports coverage of the 2010 Fifa World Cup still remains memorable for a lot of sports fanatics.

SunSports editor Mathews Mpete has joined his voice with excited personalities who wished this paper well.

“This is a very special day for us, not only as a brand, but because of the relationship we’ve created with our readers,” Mpete said.

“I’ll be celebrating my 14th year with this brand in September, a milestone I never saw coming when I joined in 2006.

“My wish is to see the paper grow bigger than it is today.

“Our sports digital platforms, like the print edition, are doing exceptionally well.

“We promise our readers to continue supplying them with breaking stories daily, both online and in print.”

Senior sports writer Maxwell Ramaru has been with the paper for 17 years.

He said: “When I started working here in 2003, I never thought the brand would be such a success.

“Now the paper has created a lot of memories and became the voice for millions of voiceless people, the needy and the poor.

“This is a huge milestone and I wish Daily Sun all the best and that it should continue to grow and create more memories.”

Former Moroka Swallows star Maimane Phiri joined in to wish the People’s Paper success.

“Happy 18 years, Daily Sun. “May you grow older than this and see many more years to come,” said Phiri.

Justice Chabalala of Bloemfontein Celtic said: “We love you, Daily Sun.

“Happy special day and we’re very happy to have you covering us.”

TS Galaxy star Thabo Nthethe also wished us well

“Today you’re turning 18.

“Here’s to wishing you guys the best, and thanks for keeping us updated daily.”