SHE’S CONFESSED to calling on spiritual snakes to get rid of her boyfriend’s wife.

But the snakes were never taken home and now they’re calling for blood.


Residents have never seen the snakes but the fear is real. They said there was enough evidence to prove that the snakes are alive and living in a house in Senaone in Soweto belonging to Busisiwe Mavuso’s mum.

There was drama as traditional healers and priest try to cleanse a house of snakes and onlookers wanting to have a look while others fainted: Photos by Morapedi Mashashe

The house was a hive of activity on Monday and Tuesday when healers and the CRL Commission were called in to cleanse it and deal with this complaint.

Speaking to Daily Sun, Busisiwe said a woman they knew only as “Lolo” was a tenant in the house for more than 10 years.


She said the tenant never gave them any trouble, but they found it strange that when she went into the mum’s bedroom she’d take off her shoes and kneel.

Blood was found all over the yard on Friday!

A sangoma was called and he said it was the blood of snakes.


“The sangoma said Lolo kept snakes in the yard and they leave blood marks everywhere because they’re baying for human blood and somebody has to die,” said Busi.

Busi said Lolo told them that after the snakes had killed the wife, she was supposed to take the snakes back to the owner in Mozambique.

“Lolo said she had two snakes which had a baby snake. She said she took the baby snake to my mother’s bedroom, and that’s why she had to show respect when she entered her bedroom,” said Busi.

“The sangoma told her to get the snake out of the bedroom. She went into mum’s bedroom without underwear and begged the snake to go with her and it went under her dress.”

She said the sangoma instructed her to fetch the two big snakes.

Busi said Lolo took a plate full of uncooked meat to the garage for the snakes.

“Then she spoke to them and they came out. I saw them and my brother did, too. She wrapped them with a traditional cloth and left with them.”

A resident told Daily Sun sangomas came on Friday to the house to get rid of the snakes.

Lolo left the area on Friday and nobody knew where she was, and residents claimed the snakes came back on Tuesday and blood was found all over the yard again. The community is now living in fear of the hungry snakes that refuse to leave their kasi.

“A family member explained that the snakes belonged to their tenant,” said a resident.

When CRL community council member Mntimande Ngwenya spoke to Lolo on Friday, she confessed that the snakes belonged to her and her boyfriend.

“We got the snakes to get my boyfriend out of jail and it worked.”

But they were supposed to take the snakes back but didn’t have money to pay the owner.

“My boyfriend ended up running away, leaving me with the snakes,” Lolo said.

Lolo’s boyfriend fled to Mozambique to plead for help from the owner of the snakes. Lolo claimed the snakes only listen to her commands.

Ngwenya said snakes were used by people to enrich themselves through ukuthwala.

“They’re told they must make sacrifices with human blood. If they don’t do that many innocent people will get caught up in something they know nothing about,” he said.

Spokesman Captain Kay Makhubele said cops don’t deal with such cases.