VOICENOTES have been circulating about a snake looted from a butchery.

The first voicenote was from a man pleading with looters to return a box they mistakenly looted.

It had a snake in it, the note said.

According to the unidentified man, the snake was in a famous butchery in Tsepisong, Roodepoort, where looters took two boxes of meat.

When the SunTeam went to the butchery, the gate was locked but a guard confirmed the business was looted. He said the snake had always been there.

“But it’s not a mamlambo, it’s a pet.”

Many people believe that some small business owners keep snakes, usually referred to as mamlambo, at their stores or homes which helps to bring customers, money and good fortune.

The guard said: “Some like to keep rabbits and others keep snakes. It’s not a crime. The owner likes his snake but it’s just a pet.”

He said the snake was not hidden and therefore could not be mamlambo.

The owner of the space where the butchery operated said he would put the SunTeam in touch with the owner of the business, but decided not to answer our calls.

He sent a text that he was in a meeting.

The renting man did not give his name but said looters messed up his car sales business. “They broke into the cars, stole batteries and sound systems.”

The man who had done the voicenote about the missing snake asked the people of Tsepisong to return the box with the snake. “Apparently if the snake gets angry it will blow away our roofs. So, residents, I am asking whoever took it to return it immediately,” said the note.

“If you only took the meat because you’re hungry, we understand that but not the snake.”

He pleaded for the snake to be returned to the owner. “Throw it somewhere close to his home or give it to one of his employees.”

A voicenote from an unidentified woman also pleaded with looters to bring back the snake because it could cause problems for the community. “If that snake gets angry, people will die.”

Sangoma Jabulani Mthimunye told Daily Sun mamlambo was a snake that brings luck and fortune. “The snake is not a pet. It is not kept where everyone will see it. Only certain individuals are allowed to see and feed it.”

He said if the mamlambo is lost, it will find its way to the owner.