A WOMAN’s 11-roomed house was torched by a furious mob on Thursday night after she was accused of being the mastermind behind robberies ekasi.

Four other houses linked to the 31-year-old woman were also torched, including her mother’s.

The trouble started after a group of youngsters started spreading rumours she sent them to steal TVs and laptops but was not paying them enough.

Residents of Gogobole Village, outside Makhado in Limpopo, called the woman to a meeting before going on the rampage.

A 70-year-old relative of the woman said the people who torched the house were jealous.

“She built herself a big house and lived her life without bothering anyone,” he said.

He said the mob arrived at his house looking for his son, accusing him of working with the woman.

“I was shocked because my son was in jail when all the crimes were happening. They burnt my house, leaving us with nothing,” he said.

A resident said they did investigate the rumours.

“She has a gang that works for her.

“We found out that every week she drives to Musina to deliver stolen TVs to sell on the other side of the border,” said the resident.

The resident claimed when they called the woman to a meeting, she took out a gun and fired warning shots.

Brigadier Motlafela Mojapelo said cases of arson and malicious damage to property were opened.

“No one has been arrested and investigations are continuing,’’ he said.

“The victims are under police protection because it wasn’t safe for them to be in that village,” Mojapelo said.