AS if her divorce was not painful enough, the woman found her dad was a male prostitute.

And she was almost set up on a sex date with him!

The 31-year-old divorced mum from Ormonde, south of Joburg, said the drama started when she told her friend she needed company and heal from the pain of her divorce.

“My friend knows people who have a male prostitute who’s been making the rounds.

“She gave me a number to call and told me she hadn’t met the guy yet.”

She said when she wrote the number down, she realised it was the same as her dad’s and arranged to meet, just to be sure.

“I called the man on Friday with a different number and we arranged to meet at a restaurant in Southgate.

“When I arrived, my father asked me what I was doing there. I told him I was meeting a friend and he told me he had a business deal with a client.”

She then decided to call the number her friend gave her and the phone rang in her dad’s pocket, who looked at her in shock.

“I hung up and dialled again. Yes, it was him. He was my sex date. I left and confronted him when he got home.”

The woman said her dad told her he was addicted to poking and her mum understood.

“I told him he’s embarrassing himself and the family and should stop.

“He told me he’s too old for me to be telling him what to do with his life,” she said.

The father (62), a retired teacher, admitted he was addicted to poking and never wanted his daughter to find out. Asked how much he charged, he said: “I’ve been doing this for two years and charge R50. I charge this amount because this is about me and not others.”

The woman’s mum also admitted her husband was addicted to poking.

“I couldn’t satisfy his needs, but didn’t want to lose him so I allowed him to do as he pleased. I’m happy.”

One of the woman’s friends said she had already been on three dates with the man.

“I didn’t know he was her father. He’s sexy and such a gentleman. He took me to a fancy restaurant and hotel. He did everything I expected and more.”