THE bones have spoken!

Gobelas, sangomas and traditional healers said the bones and the ancestors have revealed that people were being lied to about Covid-19.

“The outbreak was caused deliberately,” he said.

They told Daily Sun it was a deliberate outbreak.

Gogo Mamtolo Mangena, a gobela who has been practising for more than 35 years, said the bones couldn’t trace where the virus came from.

She said they showed that people were being lied to. She said this included the number of deaths that were being reported as a result of the virus. “There’s a dark cloud that will hang over us for years to come,” she said.

Mkhulu Mfundisi Ngqobo, who’s been practising for 25 years, said he also consulted with his fellow sangomas in other parts of Africa.

“Our ancestors are singing the same tune. Since the outbreak, I’ve been consulting with my ancestors to guide me to the cure. But the bones reveal the virus has been here for years than what we’re told.

“The outbreak was caused deliberately,” he said.

“Those who announced the virus and its spread have been untruthful about the number of infections and deaths.”

Gobela Grace Ndlovu said: “The bones show the virus was caused deliberately to cause harm. Traditional healers are sidelined as they can see the truth. People are being lied to and many will die.”

Traditional Healers Organisation National co-ordinator, Phephsile Maseko, said when the outbreak was announced the organisation consulted with sangomas.

“Gogo’s couldn’t find its origin. Someone is hiding something. Coronavirus doesn’t have a season. It’s there during summer and winter.”