THEY made him sell his stand with four rooms on it.

The izangoma then took the R400 000 he got from selling the stand and allegedly wrapped it in a cloth, so the ancestors could bless the money.

But when he checked his money on the morning of 6 September, he was shocked to find it had been turned into a 2,5kg bag of sugar.


A frustrated George Machaba from Winnie Mandela zone 12 in Tembisa, Ekurhuleni, realised he was scammed.

He said he called the fake izangoma, but they were nowhere to be found and the buyer of his property now wanted him out.

“I don’t know what happened. It was like I was controlled by some supernatural forces,” he said.

George said his nightmare started when he went to a herbal shop in Tembisa looking for muthi to chase evil spirits out of his yard.

He said a sangoma he found in the shop prophesied and he was taken to a dark room in the back of the shop.

He said a voice in the dark room told him his ancestors were going to give him millions.

“Later that day, I received SMSes of money rolling into my account.

“The first SMS showed R10 million, followed by R6 million, R8 million and the last one was R20 million.”


But there were terms and conditions. To get the money, George had to deposit R400 000, which he didn’t have. He was then told to sell his house and the buyer was found through an agent.

After all processes were done, R400 000 was deposited into his bank account.

“I was told to withdraw the money and it was wrapped in the sangoma cloth and put under the bed so the ancestors could bless it,” he said.

Captain Manyadza Ralidzivha said a case couldn’t be opened as the victim voluntarily handed over the money to the sangoma.