MFANA Mkhize was found hanging in his bedroom on Thursday, 4 March.

Neighbours and friends claimed the 30-year-old mechanic from KwaMashu K section, north of Durban, complained his baby mama wanted to dump him.

But his baby mama Zama Njapha (24), who doesn’t live far from Mfana’s home, told Daily Sun: “Mfana was very secretive. We ended up breaking up in 2017 but fixed things that same year.”


She said it wasn’t true she no longer wanted him.

“On the day he killed himself he told me he consulted a sangoma, who told him he had a zombie inside of him and someone had bewitched him,” she said.

Zama said Mfana had been complaining about having bad luck.

“He told me his father died when he was very young, and that no one did a cleansing ceremony for him,” she said.

“We argued a lot because he didn’t want to fix his life. He loved alcohol too much.”

She believed what the sangoma told Mfana led to his death.

“He had this all planned out. He gave me his ID and cellphone.

“He told me to give the phone to our child and keep the ID as I’m a beneficiary on our child’s policy.

“I refused to take it and asked how I would contact him if he left the phone,” she said.


“I asked him to tell his family what the sangoma had told him.”

She said they spoke later at night but didn’t argue.

“I was at work the following day when I was informed my baby daddy is no more,” she said.

Captain Nqobile Gwala said an inquest docket was opened at KwaMashu cop shop.