MORE than 50 people get killed every day in our country, but only a small percentage of criminals who commit murder are arrested.

Even in countries where civil war is rife, people don’t get killed like this.

In Mzansi, criminals operate brazenly – they literally call the shots. Every day they kill, rape, steal and more.

It seems like they can’t be arrested as our prisons are full.

Government spends money on criminals who eat good food three times a day, and get the best free education.

They have more rights than law-abiding citizens.

Criminals live like kings and queens, while many law-abiding citizens live in poverty.

The abolition of the death penalty destroyed everything.

What makes me angry is the ANC-led government abolished the death penalty and then legalised abortion. I find this hard to understand.

I wish I was a citizen of the Republic of Botswana, because our neighbours live freely without fear of crime. Botswana has law and order, unlike here, where lawlessness rules the day.

  • Letter by Kganthane R Lebaka, from Makadikwe Village