THEY don’t want to spend their money on women and don’t care to be called stingy.

These men belong to the Stingy Men Association, a movement sweeping Facebook by storm by encouraging men via social media to stop giving girlfriends allowances.

Member Sydney Mthembu said he was proud to be stingy and was tired of women who felt entitled to men’s money.

“Call us stingy all you want, but at the end of the day, it’s our money. We will not be told what to do with it,” said Sydney.

Another member Raymond Majola said he’s heard all kinds of insults, but he’s not bothered.

“The problem with ladies is that they think our lives revolve around them. Some men even send their whole salaries to their women. You guys need to go get rid of that korobela in your system,”

Raymond said he has a girlfriend, but he doesn’t give her a girlfriend allowance.

“I love my girlfriend with all my heart, but she’ll only dig into my finances if we get married,” he said.

Lesego Mokoena said he didn’t understand why women were quick to bash the association.

He said it showed that some women wanted to control men.

“We just want to save and do what our hearts desire,” said Lesego.

Daily Sun spoke to some women, who said they were disgusted by this trend. Lydia Sithole said she’s been dating stingy men all her life and she’s annoyed by this movement.

Zoleka Mangena said her boyfriend gave her money and she wished men could learn from him.

“It hurts that these men are proud to be stingy,” said Zoleka. Thembeka Mbatha said she dated a stingy man and he was terrible in bed.

“Those who’re participating in this thing, we know your problem and you need to stop embarrassing yourselves,” said Thembeka.