EVERY day she prayed the beating, stabbing and cursing would stop, but it didn’t. . .

Gogo Lena Mnguni said she’d been abused by her helper since March!

The 94-year-old gogo from Makometsane in Mpumalanga said the verbal and physical abuse was hell.

“She treated me like an animal,” she said.


Gogo Lena is very grateful after her neighbour rescued her by calling the gogo’s family to tell them about the abuse.

PAIN 1/2: Gogo Lena Mnguni (94) and her niece Elizabeth Khathi-Sephula (55) talking to Daily Sun about the horrific incidents. Photos by Raymond Morare

Lena’s niece, Elizabeth Khati-Saphula (55), said the neighbour phoned them on Monday and told them to take the gogo away.

“We were confused. I was the one who hired the helper. We always talked to her,” she said.

Elizabeth said they did take gogo to the doctor.

“They found cuts, wounds, bruises and her arm was broken,” she said.

“She was in pain. She told us she was being abused by the helper.”

They then opened a case at the police station.

“She hasn’t been arrested yet because she ran away,” Elizabeth told Daily Sun.


Lena said the helper called her a dog, swore at her and beat her.

The helper apparently brought her man to the house. . .

Said the sad gogo: “When the lover was around I was forced to go and sleep, and when I didn’t I’d get a beating.

“Sometimes she’d beat me while I was sleeping.”

The neighbour apparently witnessed the gogo getting beaten by the horrible helper.

“That woman would beat the gogo in the morning. We’d get woken up by the noise,” she said.

Mpumalanga police spokesman, Brigadier Leonard Hlathi, said an assault case was opened.