“No PARENT should ever see what I witnessed.”

These were the words of a woman whose child was raped, allegedly by former restaurant employee Nicholas Ninow.

The victim’s mum was testifying via closed-circuit television in the Gauteng High Court in Tshwane yesterday. She told the court she had seen Ninow use her daughter’s clothes to clean his 4-5. 


Ninow has pleaded guilty to raping the little girl in the women’s toilets at Dros restaurant in Silverton, Tshwane, on 22 September last year.

In his plea explanation, Ninow said he had forced his 4-5 into the eight-year-old girl’s mouth and inserted his fingers into her vagina.

The mother testified that, after she discovered that her daughter was not at the kiddies’ play area, she and the child minder went to look for her.

“Myself and the child minder went to the toilets, then we checked in the other toilet, the one with the door opened, there was no one,” she said.


“The second one, I pushed the door, called out the child’s name, then she called me back saying, mommy help me. Then the person that was behind the door said: ‘You are disturbing me, what is it that you want’?”

She said Ninow came out and ran towards the men’s toilet. She retrieved her child and handed her over to someone before running back to confront Ninow.

“Then I found him cleaning himself with my child’s clothes. He was cleaning his penis,” the mum said.


She said Ninow was completely naked and her daughter was not wearing her tights or her panties.

She testified Ninow had her daughter’s tights and panties. She also witnessed how Ninow flushed her underwear down the toilet.

“I asked him why he flushed my child’s clothes. He never responded,” she said.

The mum said she had been attending counselling with her daughter to try to heal.

“What I’ve seen has made me very emotional.” – NEWS24