SHE was looking for her ex-boyfriend when a dog came out of nowhere and bit her.

But all she got from the dog’s owner was R50 to buy medication for her wound.

But Jettinah Nkasa is still in pain and she can’t even sleep.

The 41-year-old from Winterveldt, Tshwane, said she was looking for her ex-boyfriend so they could buy diapers and medication for their two-year-old son.

She said the dog bit her ankle while pulling her to the ground.

“I have never felt such pain.

“The dog bit me while I was protecting my six-year-old daughter from it,” she said.

“I struggled to walk back home because of the terrible pain. I also can’t sleep at night. The pain is too bad,” she said.

According to the Jettinah, the dog’s owner was rude to her.

“I want him to pay me because I am struggling to take care of my children.

“I can’t work for my kids because of the pain,” she said.

Jettinah’s ex-boyfriend, Eddy Simango, said he often buys diapers and medicine for the child and there was no need for Jettinah to look for him.

The dog’s owner, Thabo Lempe, said he was not around when the incident happened.

“I heard the woman came to my rental premises looking for her boyfriend, who does not live there,” he said.

“I gave her R50 to buy medicine and she never complained. She must come and see me. We will resolve the problem.”

Thabo said his dog bit someone else last year.