METRORAIL is offering a R100 000 reward for information that may help identify four arson suspects.

Two trains were set alight at Cape Town Station on Thursday.

Prasa said on Sunday: “We’ve appealed to the public to help confirm the identity of four suspects captured by security cameras. Prasa has put forward R100 000 for information that will secure the conviction of the suspects.”

The company said the arson attack caused damage worth R61 million and destroyed overhead cables, costing a further R150 000.

Regional manager Richard Walker said the attack was well organised.

“It’s no coincidence fires are set with intent to cause extensive damage and delays.”

  • Municipal law enforcement spokesman Wayne Dyason said 3km of stolen railway cable was found in the Netreg area of the Cape Flats yesterday.

“Officers who were on crime prevention patrols observed a group of males cutting the cable close to the Kreefgat side of the railway line.

“Suddenly, one of their lookouts warned them of law enforcement’s presence by blowing a whistle. The suspects ran into Kreefgat and escaped.”