WHILE a gang was fighting outside the schoolyard, pupils thought they were safe inside.

But a stray bullet ended up hitting a 15-year-old grade 10 pupil at Fusion Secondary School in Lotus Gardens, Tshwane.

The girl said since she was shot on 11 May, she’s been struggling as the bullet was still lodged in her back.

She said she used to walk to school, but now had to take a taxi as she couldn’t stand for a long time. She said after the incident, an ambulance was called and she was rushed to hospital.

“I was told doctors were afraid to operate on my spine as I could be left disabled, so the bullet remains in my back,” she said.

The girl said although she was angry that she was shot, she was not afraid.

“I was not the target. I’m not a member of a gang. I was just unlucky to get shot,” she said.

The teenager said all she wanted was her life back.

“I don’t want to be walking with a bullet in my back or end up being disabled. I wish there was a doctor who could help me get back to my normal self,” she said.

The pupil’s mum said she also wished someone could help her daughter.

“I’m afraid of the long-term consequences of having a bullet in her back, so I wish it could be taken out,” she said.

The mum said she didn’t open a case with the cops because the incident happened at school, so the education department was supposed to deal with it.

Gauteng education spokesman Steve Mabona said he was aware of the incident, and the pupil was provided with counselling.

“We strongly condemn the senseless acts of violence that threaten the safety of pupils in and around schools, and compromises their education,” he said.