PIKITUP staff were left traumatised after five guards were killed execution-style at a depot on Tuesday, 11 January.

The horrific murder happened at the waste removal service’s depot in Devland, south of Joburg, at 5.50am.

The unarmed guards were surrounded by men who started shooting mercilessly.

Those who were wounded and fell to the ground were finished off with shots to the heads.

One guard managed to flee the scene and get help from other security officials.

On Thursday 13 January, blood stains were still on the ground at the scene of the crime.

The 38-year-old survivor said he now lives in fear.

Scenes where four security guards were shot and killed in Devland on Tuesday. One guard died in hospital. Photo by Christopher MoagiPhoto by Christopher Moagi

“Me and other colleagues fear maybe the thugs are not done and will come back to kill the rest of us,” he said.

“When the men came they surrounded the entire place. One of my colleagues tried to run but fell down at the gate. The men then shot him in the head,” he said.

The motive is still unknown. None of the victims’ belongings were taken.

The survivor said: “They didn’t even search their bodiesI really don’t know what these people were looking for.”

The guard said he didn’t know if he could face working at the depot anymore.

“Anyone has easy access to this place. The flood lights don’t work. It’s really dark at night,” he said.

Police spokeswoman Brigadier Brenda Muridili confirmed all five victims were shot in the head.

“The manager reported that three more security guards were rushed to hospital with serious gunshot wounds and are said to be in a critical state,” she said.

Muridili said cases of murder and attempted murder were opened and the provincial investigation unit would be handling the matter.