A MAN was shocked when his romantic idea left him with an egg on his face.

The man decided it was a great idea to propose in front of thousands of people, but it backfired as the woman fled the scene as quickly as she could.

The incident happened during a recent minor league baseball game at Polar Park in Massachusetts, USA, as the couple was filmed in what was probably one of the most vulnerable moments in their lives.

The crowd cheered on the pair and they even featured on the stadium’s large screen in the background before seeing the entire moment go south.

In the video, the man is recorded getting down on one knee holding a small jewellery box with a ring before the woman he hoped to spend the rest of his life with.

To everyone’s shock, the poor man’s partner appeared to be completely caught off guard and didn’t seem happy about his romantic gesture in the least.

The SunTeam asked readers on social media what they thought went wrong in their relationships and Conny Nyathela said: “Tshotsho. Nam’ bendizobaleka.”

Ntsundeni Tshitari Munyai said: “Buy a finger ring and propose to her in private. Stop attention seeking.”

Morapedi Shaft Hlahatsi: “Obvious, the lady doesn’t have plans with him, ba o laile brah.”

Lucky Stadivandal: “People and attention seeking, propose in private to avoid drama.”

Wild Hyena: “She Usain Bolted him.”