RESIDENTS of Delft have turned to God for protection.

On Sunday, religious organisations and CPF members were joined by cops for a prayer session opposite the Voorbrug Taxi Rank in the Cape Town kasi.


CPF chairman, Pastor Charles George, said: “We asked the interfaith community to come so we could pray at crime hotspots.

“We started at this spot because many people are getting robbed here.

“This event is meant to break the walls between mosques and churches.

“We’re saying crime doesn’t choose a religion and we must come together to fight it.”

Residents from Delft together with CPF members and cops tookto the streets for a prayer against crime on Sunday evening. Photo by Lulekwa Mbadamane

Captain John Bartlett said if communities came together to fight crime, it would help the police.

“In all areas of Delft, crime is rife. Even though there has been a decrease in murders, there’s still too much. We have to work together to fix our area,” he said.

“Even businesspeople aren’t safe in this area. Thugs go into shops pretending to be customers and rob the owners.”


Chuma Matenjwa (33) from Leiden said her husband had to walk her to the taxi rank every day because she had not felt safe since she was robbed in 2018.

“I don’t trust anyone when I’m walking on the street. I always maintain a distance that allows me to flee if a person wants to rob me,” she said.