A MYSTERIOUS fire left me and my children homeless!

These were the words of Portia Mohale who lost all her belongings when her one-roomed shack burnt down last Wednesday night.

The 31-year-old from Mooiplaas in Tshwane told Daily Sun: “This is very strange. I don’t know what led to the fire because all my electrical appliances were off.”

Portia said she and her family were sitting outside in front of a wood fire at her neighbour’s house when her shack burnt.


“This is the first time I’ve lost everything in a fire. I always read about other people going through things like this,” she said.

Portia appealed to Good Samaritans to help her and her two kids with food and replacing the lost documents. The mum said she felt devastated when she saw her bed next to a pile of rubble that used to be her home.

Neighbour Johannes Phaka (72) said when the fire started, Portia was not around. He said residents tried to kill the flames, but they were too strong. Some people believed it was vutha.

Portia said she didn’t know where she would start rebuilding her life.

She said she needed a new shack, clothes and food as she had nowhere to go.

Sangoma Timothy Mthimunye (57) said the residents must unite and consult a powerful traditional healer to cleanse the area as there were evil spirits around.

“Something very bad will happen if the residents ignore the matter.”

Tshwane emergency communication centre deputy chief Refiloe Phantshang said no fire was on record as having been reported last Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.