PASTOR John Masilela, who is accused of sexual assault, allegedly used his victims’ weaknesses to prey on them.

This was the testimony of his victims in the KwaMhlanga Regional Court on Tuesday, 20 July.

The pastor (44) faces charges of sexual assault, rape and distribution of pornographic material. He pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Masilela allegedly committed the crimes at his church, Good Shepherd Christian Centre, in Sun City near KwaMhlanga from 2012 and was arrested last May.

One of the victims aged 24 told the court the pastor asked them what problems they had.

He then suggested praying for them, but used the opportunity to touch their penises.

“I joined the church in 2012 and left in 2017. On the day of the incident, the pastor called us into the church boardroom one by one.

“I was the last person to be called in. He asked what issues affected my life and I told him I had a problem with girls and alcohol. He suggested to pray for me.” He said he agreed as he respected Masilela as a man of God. “He put his hand on top of my head and prayed. Then he put his other hand in my trousers and touched my penis. I stepped back and he said Amen. He told me to come back for more prayer, but I never did.” He told his friend, who shared the same thing had happened to him.

Another victim (22) said he joined the church in 2009 at the age of 11.

He said Masilela abused him in 2016. “I went to the boardroom to answer his call, where I told him I had a problem with women. He wanted to pray for me and I agreed.

“He placed his hand on my head and while praying, placed the other one on my privates. I moved back and he immediately said Amen. I left and never went back.”