SEUN Mokgotji says he’s lucky to be alive.

The leader of Limpopo-based Bolsheviks Party of South Africa says he narrowly escaped an attempted armed robbery while driving from Dennilton, Limpopo to his work in Joburg along the notorious Moloto Road.

Mokgotji, who is campaigning for the local government elections on 1 November, said he recently stopped his car to change a tyre.

A few minutes later, a car stopped behind him and unknown men got out. They told him not to be scared but then fired a gun and ordered him into the car.

Speaking to Thobela FM on Wednesday, 13 October, he said: “I was hopeful that the men wanted to help me but seeing them discharge a gun, I knew I had to do something to save my life.

“As I was bowing down to focus on the tyre, I saw the gun and one bullet was shot to the right of me.

“I stood up as they ordered me to get into the car. I pretended I was going to their car but the armed man’s gun was facing downwards. I grabbed it and pulled him to the ground while his accomplice was in their car. I also bit his hand before I escaped into the bushes.”

Mokgotji said he got help at a nearby village where a gogo let him use her cellphone to call the police.

Residents accompanied him back to where he left his car and the men had gone. Mokgotji thanked God and his ancestors for saving his life.

Gauteng police spokesman Captain Kay Makhubele confirmed a case of armed robbery was opened for investigation.