SHE became partially blind and her face got swollen last October, but luckily she got cured.

However, just when Jeanette Silala thought her troubles were over, her stomach started to swell up and became painful.

The 38-year-old mum of three from Mamone Village, outside Jane Furse in Limpopo,had to stop working in Tshwane and return home.

“My stomach got bigger and bigger and more painful every time I ate,” she said.

“I felt that it could burst at any time. I look pregnant yet I’m not.”

She’s lost weight as she only drinks water now.

She was admitted to Jane Furse Hospital for two weeks, hoping to get help.

“Doctors did many tests and X-rays, but couldn’t find anything wrong with me.

“They drained blue liquid from my stomach and discharged me.

“My situation became worse when I got home.”

She’s now stuck in bed, unable to move or walk.

“Her mum Thabang (72) takes care of her.

“Doctors, pastors and izangoma have failed to help me.

“I’ve spent over R10 000 looking for help, but nothing has worked.

“I think I was bewitched. I was the breadwinner, taking care of my kids, three grandkids, two siblings and my mum. We rely on the kids’ grants.”

Jeanette is now asking SunReaders for help.

A general practitioner, who wished to remain anonymous, said Jeanette might be suffering from a stomach TB that can be treated with medication.

“She may have a liver or womb problem. It’s another story if she got worse after she was discharged.

“I urge her to return to the hospital immediately,” he said.