The Johannesburg Metro Police Department with the South African Police Service went on Operation Bad Building this morning

The operation like the name suggests targeted bad buildings, JMPD spokesperson said that these are building that have been hijacked and known to be used as hiding spots by criminals. The Wednesday operation targeted six buildings in Hilbrow, including Vanin Court in Hilbrow, Stensby Hoff Building and the Eastgate Building.

The operation follows a violent standoff between officers and fake goods shop owners that took place in the Johannesburg CBD on Sunday. Officers raided shops and according to SAPS spokesperson Brigadier Mathapelo Peters, a group of people identified as foreign nationals stormed the police.

But today it was the cops who were doing the storming. They stormed into the buildings looking for or criminal elements, criminal activity and City by-laws contraventions. And they found all they were looking for, from illegal electricity connections, illegal immigrants, illegal ammunition, homemade firearms and home breweries.

At the end of the operation JMPD spokesperson Wayne Minnar said 124 people were taken to the Hilbrow Police Station for profiling. 21 remained in custody for illegal immigration, 3 people were arrested for illegal possession of ammunition and a homemade firearm and 1 person was arrested for selling liquor without a license. "The operation was a success," Minnaar said.