THE community of Nyanga, Cape Town, braved the cold and rainy weather on Saturday, 15 May, to bury an up-and-coming artist who was allegedly stabbed killed by his close friend.

Zolani “Vocal Zoid” Nikani (24) from Mau Mau section was stabbed to death allegedly by his close friend after a disagreement at a party on Sunday.

Speaking at the funeral, his mum Thami Nikani said she lost a friend, brother and her everything.

“I’m sure some of you have questions on why I am standing here. He was my son and I didn’t want anyone to lie about him,” said Thami.

She said a lot has been said but she wouldn’t dwell on that.\

Zolani's mother, Thami Nikani speaking on her son's funeral service in Nyanga Township, Cape Town. Photo by Lindile Mbontsi

“My friend’s son, who was there when he was stabbed, didn’t tell the truth the first time I asked what happened.

“I couldn’t let them speak about him knowing very well they’ll hide the truth, I can’t change what happened but I want my son to smile wherever he is,” she said.

“Go well, my son. Rest easy.” she said.

Her neighbour, Nomsa Mafana (62) said: “The turn out shows the person he was. If he was giving us problems we wouldn’t have bothered taking the risk of getting sick in this rainy weather just to come and pay our last respect to him. We are here because he respected us and was always helpful in our community.”

Resident, Kholiswa Kwinana, said Zolani always dreamt of buying his mum a big house and car.

Nyanga community in Cape Town dancing and singing in Zolani Nikani's funeral. Photo by Lindile Mbontsi

Thulani Pike, a community leader, said they had raised R10 000 in two events to assist the family.

“We couldn’t let his mother do this all alone. And the fact that she is not working was another reason that made us donate this amount,” said Pike.

“We’re grateful to anyone who donated. This shows Nikani was loved by everyone and we’ll never forget him.”

Police confirmed a 23-year-old suspect handed himself in at the Nyanga Police Station. He made a brief appearance in the Athlone Magistrate Court on Wednesday, 12 May, and the case was postponed.

Zolani's mother, Thami Nikani showing Zolani's son his body in Nyanga township Cape Town. Photo by Lindile Mbontsi