INSTEAD of people staying put after President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a national lockdown, they are rushing to their native provinces.

All bags packed and ready to go home, people from different provinces flooded Park Station and they were ready to be locked down with their families.

Pictures have been trending on twitter and people are concerned.

People are questioning where the police are since the station is filled with hundreds of people.

Some think it's okay for people to head home while some are concerned about the virus rapidly spreading.

"People just want to be with their loved ones, they don't want to be alone and miserable in Gauteng. They're allowed to go see their loved ones and they don't have cars," said Vuyile Khoza.

"The situation in Park Station proves how selfish people are. We're asked to do a simple thing, stay home but people choose to risk the lives of their loved ones. Let's see the numbers go up tomorrow," said Jefferson MK.