THABISO Zulu died on Sunday, a little more than a week after being brutally attacked by four dogs.

Reaction Unit South Africa spokesman Prem Balram said the incident happened in Zwelisha in Verulam, north of Durban, on Thursday, 11 February.

“Reaction Unit SA didn’t attend to the incident but learned of it after the child’s destitute father Dayan made contact with reaction officers seeking advice,” he said.

Balram said Dayan told them the nine-year-old was attacked by two Rottweilers, a German shepherd and a fourth dog of unknown breed while he was on his way to a tuck shop to buy cooking oil.

“His father told us he was at a local salon when he was informed of the attack,” he said.

“He said he rushed to the scene and, on arrival, he found a pack of dogs tearing up his son.”

Balram said Dayan told officers the dogs teared at Thabiso’s arm and ripped his stomach open.

“He said several attempts were made to stop the attack, but they continued biting the child and tearing him apart,” he said.

Balram said a passerby stopped and shot all four dogs before leaving the scene.

“He said Thabiso was rushed to a local hospital and later transferred to a specialist hospital, where he died a week later.”

Balram said the owner of the dog allegedly fled the area with his family shortly after the incident.

Colonel Thembeka Mbele confirmed that an inquest docket was opened at Verulam cop shop for investigation.