STRUGGLING Samora Machel residents were disappointed when their recently-installed taps from the City of Cape Town could not provide them with water.

Community leader Luvuyo Mamba, who was on the steering committee working with the contractor who installed the taps, said: “In the Eyardini area, there are 10 taps but only three are working. Those working have very low pressure and residents have to wait for hours just to fetch water. Weekends are even worse because people wash their clothes.”

Mamba blamed the city for failing to follow up, claiming a single tap cost about R20 000. “It shocks me when they dont even make follow-ups after paying those huge sums,” he said.

Resident Khutala Mabusane (40) said the water issue was a crisis. “The taps are defunct while they are new. When you want to wash clothes or just fetch water, there’s always a queue, especially in the evening when I come back from work.”

MMC for water Xanthea Limberg said the city installed 120 taps in Eyardini between June and July. “Each tap cost about R11 895.42, which includes supply and installation and a concrete finish.”

She said: “We experienced challenges in terms of low water pressure. This settlement came into being after occupation of a rail reserve owned by Prasa, and services could only be installed after legal permission being granted. When it was occupied, it was not a simple matter to just tap into the existing network to provide this community with water. It is also at a higher elevation than surrounding land, which makes it more difficult to get enough pressure to supply the taps consistently.”