ON THIS lovers’ day, SunLanders share how they met and their relationship secrets.

Madala Isaac (78) and his wife gogo Lengoasa Louw (73) from Wattville, Ekurhuleni, are proud to still be together after 52 years.


“He immediately showed he was interested, but I turned him down at least three times. I was 22 and two years later, we were married,” Lengoasa said.

“My husband hasn’t been well and I do my best to look after him. We’ll celebrate a quiet Valentine’s Day.”

Gogo Annah Makudubela (64) from Soweto was only 16 when she met her husband Ananias (68) in Limpopo.

“He said he loved me. I left the party without responding. A few days later he waited for me outside my house.

“A few months later he sent his uncles to pay lobola,” said Annah.

Gogo Annah and madala Ananias Makudubela have also been married for 48 years.   Photos by Morapedi Mashashe

The couple live in Braamfischer, Soweto, and have five kids and five grandkids.

“We now spend most of our days at home,” Annah said.

“He doesn’t want me to go to a spaza shop. He walks to get me what I need.”

Ananias said his wife is still the most beautiful woman he knows. “She has a good heart and I love her.”

Gogo Magdalene (66) and madala Richard Madonsela (69) from Pimville, Soweto met at Orlando Stadium during a soccer match.

Magdalene said Richard asked her out and she made him beg just to check if he was really interested.

Lengoasa and Isaac Louw have been married for 52 years. Photo by   Muntu Nkosi

“I said yes after a week and that was the best decision I ever made.”


She wants today’s youth to know the key to good relationships are trust, respect, communication and perseverance.

Magdalene said he cheated but she stayed because he was her soul mate. Richard said he stopped cheating when he realised he didn’t need anything from any other woman.

“Respect your woman and be the best man she’s ever had,” he said.