SOCIAL grants beneficiaries have been urged not to collect their money on the first day of the month at malls and shopping centres.

This is to avoid overcrowding and minimise the possible spread of the coronavirus.

“Once Sassa has paid money into a beneficiary’s account, the money will stay there and can be accessed at any day of the month instead of taking a health risk and visiting an outlet on the first day of the month.”

The agency and the Post Office said they would ensure not more than 100 clients were serviced at any given time.

The number of infections rose from 116 to 150 yesterday.

  • Meanwhile, the University of Cape Town recorded its second case of Covid-19 after a staff member tested positive.

Vice-chancellor Mamokgethi Phakeng said the tracking of people who had come into contact with the staff member had begun. Phakeng said students had to leave campus.

University of the Western Cape acting vice-chancellor, Vivienne Lawack, said a staff member who recently travelled abroad had tested positive.

“Since the staff member has interacted with others, we’ll close the campus in the interest of our staff and students.”

The Cape Peninsula University of Technology urged students to leave the institution within 72 hours. The university has also cancelled all travel plans for staff and visiting guests.

  • The Reserve Bank warned there were people going to houses scamming people by claiming banknotes were being recalled because of the coronavirus.

The bank said this was not true.

It encouraged people to call the cops if they were approached by people claiming to be bank employees or representatives.

“There currently is no evidence that the virus is transmitted through the use of banknotes and coins,” it said.

  • Netcare warned of criminals going door-to-door, pretending to be doing coronavirus screenings.

It encouraged people to call the cops if they encountered such people.