NATENIEL Julies was shouted and cursed at before he was shot.

This is what state witness Tahirah Kaldine (21) told the Gauteng High Court sitting in Palm Ridge on Wednesday, 13 October.

Kaldine initially failed to show up to the 16-year-old’s murder trial, but later surfaced.

She testified about the moments leading up to the shooting.

Julies, who had Down syndrome, was shot by cops last August.

Kaldine said Julies was walking behind her when she went to a neighbour’s house.

While she was chatting with a friend, Julies was standing next to a truck a few metres away from his home. He appeared to be eating something.

Kaldine said moments later, a police van pulled up next to the truck.

“I heard the police shout and swear at Julies.

“I wasn’t able to clearly hear what they were saying, but I heard the use of the f-word.

“Julies walked away, but returned. I then heard a gunshot.”

She said after the shooting, a police officer got out of the van, picked up Julies and put him in the car before driving off.

Then a few moments later, a tall dark-skinned man driving a white VW polo arrived at the scene holding a torch.

She said: “He was looking for something on the ground.”

Kaldine hasn’t been able to identify any of the suspects.

However, Caylene Whiteboy, Simon “Scorpion“ Ndyalvane and Vorster Netshiongolo have since been arrested in connection with the murder.

They face charges of murder, unlawful possession of ammunition, accessory to murder and defeating the ends of justice.